• <span style=color:#05F922;>Enjoy the many joys of Living </span>Off-Grid!
    Something for everyone

    Enjoy the many joys of Living Off-Grid!

    There is so much to do and learn here while living Off-Grid
  • <span style=color:#FED23D;>Explore the Open Country</span>, by Horse back Riding
    Horse Back Riding

    Explore the Open Country, by Horse back Riding

    Whether you bring your own horses or use our horses, explore the great out doors.  We give lessons to those who want to learn!
  • Pick Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from our farm to  <span style=color:#FED23D;>YOUR TABLE!</span>
    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    Pick Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from our farm to YOUR TABLE!

    Pick your own food to eat with meals.  Learn Gardening and Farming while you stay!
  • Race off in a world full of <span style=color:#FED23D;>Adventure!</span>
    Recreational Fun is Encouraged

    Race off in a world full of Adventure!

    Bring your own recreational vehicles, or use ours to race off on an adventure of a lifetime!
About Us

Giving and teaching about "The Total Off-Grid Experience"!

The Off Grid Experience is about finding yourself through nature.  Our mission is to reconnect people with the authentic world.

Cook outdoors, forage for food, plunder your private herb garden and checkout the edible walking trail. 

Raymond Brogan – CEO

Raymond Brogan – CEO

Our Mission

We Desire to teach others to live happier and free

We aim to minimise our impact on nature and maximise our impact on you. We believe that teaching those about living Off-Grid while enjoying a vacation "un-plugged" from the grid will allow those to learn about:

  • Growing Food
  • Sustainable Wind Power
  • Sustainable Technology
  • Sustainable Solar Power
  • Sustainable Live Stock Raising
  • Establishing Freedom from the Grid
  • Establishing a Healthier Life Style


You’ll be pleasantly surprised at where your mind and body take you.  There is something for everyone!

Off-Grid 101 Reasons

People go off-grid for all kinds of reasons. The biggest one I think is that people seem to think life will be easier, less stressful, and perhaps even make them happier.

7 Important Reasons to Unplug, Find Space, and Fight Technology Addiction

The Vacation that goes Beyond Your IMAGINATION to be remembered for a LIFETIME!


Medical Help

Medical Help

Minor Scapes and Bruises, Sprains, and transportation to a Hospital if needed.


Education in all things related for living "Off-Grid".  You'll be prepared for when you do.
Clean Water

Clean Water

Fresh from our wells, not recycled, for drinking, preparing meals and bathing.
Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Fresh from our Farm and Gardens, no preservatives, no chemicals, be Healthier.

Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming events.  We have everything from a real treasure hunt, a wild wild west adventure camp out, and much more!

Latest News

To strengthen our vision of "The Total Off-Grid Experience", we regularly maintain all aspects of our locations.  In this way, you will experience a non-interrupted stay.
Organic Food
Farm Fresh
Daily Fish
Horse Stable
Farm Fresh
Farm Fresh

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A stay that you'll remember for a Lifetime, a stay your friends and family will thank you for, a stay that will make you free!

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Elko, Elko County Nevada, USA

+1 775.447.5533


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