The Total Off-Road Experience

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Elko Nevada
Monday, 27 March 2023 14:32Saturday, 15 December 2035 13:38
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Hop in, buckle up, Adventure awaits you!

Preparing for The off-road Experience

While you stay with us at "The Total Off-Grid Experience" you will have the opportunity to embark on "The Total Off-Road Experience.

You'll learn safety, the rules of the road, and emergency preparedness as well as what should be brought with you during the experience to make it stress-free and most of all, FUN!

What to expect

  • Safety Class
  • Exhilarating fun
  • Getting Dirty 

The pavement just not cutting it anymore? We hear you. Exploring high mountain roads, zipping a SxS around a sand dune, or brapping a dirt bike down a single track make some of the best adventures out there. New to off-roading? We have tips and advice on how to get started, whether you’re looking to take a truck on the back roads to an awesome waterfall or you’re thinking about buying your first dirt bike or ATV. 

Here are top four things to think about as you get into off-roading: 

  1. Map — Know where you’re going. We mean it. 
  2. Gear — Pack for the terrain and sport. 
  3. Buddies — Don’t go alone. 
  4. Vehicle — Two wheels? Four? They’re all fun.

So, Whether you choose to use our side by sides, dirt bikes or quads, your experience will focus on safety and fun!

Chris Sizemore's Avatar

Chris Sizemore

Welcome everyone, I am Chris Sizemore, The construction foreman at "The Total Off-Grid Experience" and also the "The Total Off-Road Experience" administrator and instructor. While you stay with us and choose to use our equipment, I will be the person that teaches you all the important stuff there is to know about off road.

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