Property Purchased For "The Total Off-Grid Experience"

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Location, Location, Location.  And we believe we have found the ideal location!

If you build it, They will come.
This was coined from the 1989 classic US film “Field of Dreams.”  What does it mean?  The answer is simple really.

The meaning of “if you build it, they will come” is that if you put the time into making your dreams a reality, people will start flocking towards it, and you will be rewarded for the hard work you put in. It’s most commonly used in the business world, where people have a business idea. It isn’t until they act on it and start building that idea that they’ll ever see results. It encourages people to chase their dreams rather than leaving them as nothing more than dreams.

If you can live your life to these words, you’ll start to see some big improvements in how you live your life. You’ll notice that you’re more successful, and people will start coming to check out your business or dream idea when you start building it up. It’s one of those sayings that imply something will not be easy (since building something takes a long time). However, it’s also implied that people will start to take you seriously and check out what you’ve got once something is built.

Our Dreams to your Reality

So we have taken the time, the networking, and the research to bring you the most fun and memorable experience ever.  "The Total Off-Grid Experience" with Raymond Brogan and Jamie Besaw is the ultimate location to "unplug" from being connected to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms as well as work, and the rut of life.

We know what life in the connected world is like from firsthand experience.  We wanted to get away and live happier, and more healthy.

The first thought that grew out of control

At first, the thought was to get property and build just an off-the-grid home for us.  But then some great ideas came into being planted.

The property search was arduous at first, but with the helping hand of property owner Adam Egloff from Aspen Land Holdings LLC, The first step was accomplished with ease and hassle-free!  You can visit them Here.

The Next Steps

The Next thing we need to do is drill a well, then get all the required building plans and permits to begin work.

As you can see, the land is flat and ready to make the vacation dream world for all to enjoy and want to learn about off-the-grid living while also being involved in it.  There will be plenty to learn, eat and enjoy during your stay!

Hello! I am Raymond Brogan, Founder and partner of "The Total Off-Grid Experience". The idea behind this experience is to teach about and allow the experience of what it is like to LIVE off the grid for a healthier YOU. When you leave after your stay, you will be more knowledgable about how to be self-sustainable, healthier, and happier. If you are still interested in actually living off the grid, we will provide you with the help you need, starting with property purchase right from our location.

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