A Plan has been Hatched

What if I teach others about a healthier, happier, and longer life?  That was my second thought.  Myfirst thought was...

I need to figure out how I can build a home far away from the connected universe, for protection and self-sustainability.  Then there is protection from the collapse of man surely coming this way.

The original plan

After being in the hospital for over six months, paralyzed from the neck down due to a motocross accident, I thought my life was over.  Then I was told that the "accident" was a planned attack, and no one expected me to survive.  Then I went one "step" further and started moving again, eventually able to sit up in bed, then, with hard work, walk again.

I cheated death, I did what others said I would never do again.  Thus, the idea that had been swimming around in my head for years, the Off-Grid lifestyle was hatched to fruition.

Why the change from a single dwelling to AirBnB

While gearing up to find a property to call home, I was finally released from the hospital, walking on my own, with no cane, and no walker, but on my own.  Fearful of going to my once residence because of the threats from the locked-up criminals family that failed in their attempts.

I stayed in a couple of AirBnB places once I left the hospital, and what a stroke of genius!  Now, I can make money while living off the grid until society breaks down.

So now, my experiences, and my knowledge along with other people of like mind, have now been planted to share with those who want to learn and experience firsthand what living off the grid is actually about and how it is beneficial to health, mental health and can be fun, all wrapped into one event!

Hello! I am Raymond Brogan, Founder and partner of "The Total Off-Grid Experience". The idea behind this experience is to teach about and allow the experience of what it is like to LIVE off the grid for a healthier YOU. When you leave after your stay, you will be more knowledgable about how to be self-sustainable, healthier, and happier. If you are still interested in actually living off the grid, we will provide you with the help you need, starting with property purchase right from our location.

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A stay that you'll remember for a Lifetime, a stay your friends and family will thank you for, a stay that will make you free!

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