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Building a healthy relationship with your horse is essential for any equestrian. By communicating with your horse, training it well, and understanding how to ride with good form, your time spent in the saddle will be more enjoyable than ever. In this course from CRK Horse Training, learn several horse training and riding fundamentals. Learn how to breathe properly and assume the correct rider position. Plus, discover how to bridle a horse, target train it, teach it to lower its head, and more.

Get a leg up on the basics of horse riding

Riding a horse for the first time can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. Maybe you’re scared silly (“That animal is HUGE!”), or maybe you feel like it’s going to be a breeze (“Tallyho, Silver!”). After all, the horse is doing all the work, right?

Riding is a sport, meaning it’s physical and requires a number of skills (including coordination and balance). That’s one of the many wonderful things about it! This article helps safely get beginners in the saddle (and keep them there) by covering these basics.

Horses are one of the best things in the world – no argument from the Horse Rookie team, here–but they are also tall, heavy, and afraid of things like plastic bags.

While you stay at "The Total Off-Grid Experience" you may elect to learn how to Horse back ride, if you already do not know how.  You'll also learn how to care for a horse, like feeding, brushing, walking, and even how to shoe a horse.  There is no greater enjoyment and no greater importance than having horses living off the grid.

Things you will learn are:

  • How to get on a horse
  • How to stop a horse
  • How to walk a horse
  • How to trot a horse
  • How to post a horse
  • How to sit the trot without bouncing
  • How to canter a horse
  • How to gallop a horse
  • How to dismount a horse

And much more.  When you finish your stay with us, you'll be ready to adopt or purchase your new horse, and you can do that with us as well.


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Jamie Besaw

Hello to all! I am Jamie Besaw, Founder and Partner with Raymond Brogan of "The Total Off-Grid Experience". Together we have put together an adventure of living off the grid with tools and lessons of what it will take to live off the grid in today's ever connected and busy world! I will be teaching about horse back riding, techniques and care.

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